Greater production of products increase the need of storing of the manufactured products.

To satisfy the market, Svenska Balk System have elaborated an automatic flexible split second palletcollar machine SBS 2400 for boards between 543 – 2400 mm.

Huluhammars Bruk – a leading manufacturer of high quality butterfly valves

The valves are designed to control the flow of substances including powder, gas, dust, slurry, fluids and ash. The standard valves come in sizes from Ø100 to Ø500 mm. They can withstand the effects of chemicals and the weather. One advantage of our valves is their comparatively low weight due to careful design and choice of materials.

The valves can be operated manually in the standard version, but they are often fitted with an actuator of different kinds such as pneumatic rotary actuators, pneumatic cylinders and, in some cases, electric worm drive gears. All the components of our valves are replaceable.

We always keep a full stock of spare parts on site, guaranteeing fast delivery to customers when they need them

“There are many examples of our valves which are still in use more than 60 years after they were installed”

The business began in 1716 as a forge incorporating a grinding workshop and a wood pulp factory on the Tabergsån river at thefoot of the Taberg hill…


We are available to our customers every weekday.

We made our first butterfly valves back in 1955